Monday 20 March 2017


Sometimes people say, " English is JUST a language, we don't really need a training in it."

However, in business, English is NOT just a language. 
English is a PLATFORM for every company to Level Up their business to the next level. 
English is a MEDIUM for every staff to converse and achieve mutual understanding of company's goals and mission.

We are eager to share with you a FAIR, VALID, and RELIABLE English Language Testing called TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication).
 The tests are offered and managed by TOEIC Test Center Malaysia in Setiawangsa. 
Excel Minds Consultancy work closely with TOEIC Test Center, by providing TOEIC preparation courses.   

For you HR Directors and HR Managers, this is a great opportunity to develop and/or manage your talent pool's proficiency especially assigning talents in specific department or specific task.

How is TOEIC useful for HR?
You can use it to...

✔️Filter candidates for employment.
✔️Manage potential employees for promotion
✔️Develop talent pool of English- proficiency among employees
✔️Save cost in sending the RIGHT person for particular training
✔️Save time in selecting and evaluating potential staff for promotion
✔️Save energy in delivering companies' goals as the employees understand the message clearly


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