Tuesday 12 September 2017

Big WHY a Company Have Difficulties in Expanding

Every expanding companies will actively finds initiatives to improve companies' productivity and efficiency. Let it be product development, QA, sales, marketing, customer success...etc... but prioritizing what will have the greatest impact is tough.

Leaders have endless ideas but limits in the sense of their availability and time often biased to short and medium term growth. It is not they intended to, but they just somehow missing the point. Especially at startups, we anxiously looking at the end of the runway instead looking at the route of the runway.

One thing that every leaders should plant in their mind. Your people are your company.

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One of the Big WHY a company have difficulties in expanding is they often missed out in

Developing "Soft Skills"

Guess the name "soft skills'' makes them relatively unnecessary. Dan Goleman’s framework of emotional intelligence at work is just as important as the intellectual know-how required to perform a specific task. Self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skill all play a vital role in effective leadership and execution at all levels of the organization.

Try bringing in an expert to teach your team how to read body-language or practice non-violent communication. This may not seem as important a skill as learning to code or creating a pivot table, but it goes a long way towards improving communication and cohesion between employees. When the team is in harmony, work gets done more efficiently and with greater ease.

The skills in handling client's lies in the hand of your employee. If your people present bad attitude, it will automatically give your company a bad name. The instillation "sense of professionalism" in every employee will gives you a smoother sailing on your runway.

The article extracted from David Hassell


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